in a good n bad day..


Last day is my bad day..
but You still send me a good news

Either my tears have no answers for questions..
Your misteries came just like your open hand

Last day is my good day
and you still want me to share it..

Either my way is only for my happiness..
You said I couldn’t take it for granted

You said, sprinkle the happiness for other.., just like..
..make a happy rain for the thirstyness
..make a whole air for the emptyness

You repeated in universe.. everywhere

like answering some thought

..and much blue, pink, yellow sprinkles will wet you till breathless

Yes some one maybe don’t want it as that time
but just wait..
they would be take it to fill their heart in their better time

just common.. let and see
The God works never fail my friends..
n friendship will never end for us..
just be patient.. after all

Oct 2007


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