Unseen Comfort


At this one evening..
at a bench in summer rain of the heart

A park of universe delivered me into a whole of story
Surely i didn’t realized it before..

This is like some puzzle misteries
recognized by me step by step..
by long day in searching and in one day full of glorious..
side by side..

But when some butterflies flying away around..
like some leaves touch my hand..
I understand you both can’t beside me now..

Glad is as i need..
some how I felt a hand tussle my hair,
or something smell good just like flower from heaven
around my pray..

I know you both here…
stil guidence me with love

in unseen comfort

Jan 2007 

“Blam..!” 1 misteri yang terbesar dalam hidup, big one mistery.. terpampang di 6 Januari 2007.. “What is that..?” hmmm even my ‘half soul’ couldn’t and wouldn’t understand it..

But thanks to Allah anyway.. it couldn’t be any beter wether i know it by now or before… 🙂



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