Start up Your Light


What a day..  Some day at the begining day or week or when we travel to somewhere pursue a happines in bussines or just a home walk after a long day, we have a situation call a low day energies. Lost some courages to do something even courages for sleep..

But some time in that situation we can’t get rest as soon as possible as another bussines matters already waiting to respond as queque at our back.. (home cleaning, pappers works, kids, parents, familes, friends, bill, tax etc). Obligations every where..

Wonder we ask to our self, how can we stop world for a while to make our breath so easly and freely?

Let’s take a little simple step meditation, enjoy what you are doing that time.. every minute. Think about you have your own power to manage your list and a little try to say “No”.  Think about you have your own power to manage your thought and smart to see a funny thing around. Spread your humour freely.. This is for the best for all and you.., cheers 🙂



my-lavender-grasses.jpg Hello dears.., my-lavender-grasses.jpg

Do you ever thought that you don’t love about Art? Just don’t.. art can make your world harmonies as rejuve your life in special way, again and again, in every side of life..

Let your self a simple action, if something pass your mind, why not just write it or sketch it? You will amazing then by someday, recognized that your paraghraph or a simple sketch are just like a faboulous poem or famous painters in this worlds. Or one day in the simple way you can be like a photographer, just cliking your handset or your portable simple digital camera. Make your moment in time.

If you have feeling satisfication by doing all that, the moment you had captured in writing, drawing or pictures are called art enaugh for the begginer. After that you can learn more about art in everything, so lovable so miracles..

In time, after your long heavy days, you will found that your mind is full of fresh ideas, your hands are full of beautifull colours.. your life are fill by amazing moments.. It will lit up smiles in your heart..

Afterall, Art is related to satisfication you feel by your own, that’s why Art can rejuve your lifes. How about rejuve others live? Why not? Art is the the other way we together can enjoy.. Now let’s just make a simple one.. just send your poetry at, I’ll appreciate it as your contribute to My Friends Poetry Category.

Cheers ! 🙂


WhOSE beHInD HIm To gEt HiS dREAm ??


 Reporter : Bagaimana perasaan Anda dengan keberhasilan menaklukkan puncak gunung tertinggi di dunia?

Tenzing Norgay : Sangat senang sekali

Reporter : Andakan seorang Sherpa (pemandu) bagi Edmund Hillary, tentunya posisi Anda berada di depan dia, bukankah seharusnya Anda yang menjadi orang pertama yang menjejakkan kaki di puncak Mount Everest?

Tenzing Norgay : Ya, benar sekali, pada saat tinggal satu langkah mencapai puncak, saya persilakan dia (Edmund Hillary) untuk menjejakkan kakinya dan menjadi orang pertama di dunia yang berhasil menaklukkan Puncak Gunung Tertinggi di dunia….

Reporter : Mengapa Anda lakukan itu???

Tenzing Norgay : Karena itulah IMPIAN Edmund Hillary, bukan impian saya…..impian saya hanyalah berhasil membantu dan mengantarkan dia meraih IMPIAN nya.

 Whose next?


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